April 29, 2012   1 note

Everyone does it….

April 27, 2012   1 note

When someone makes me mad…

what they think im like…


But im really like…


April 27, 2012

Me all day to people…

Look at all the fucks I give thread!. Post your favourite look at all the fucks I give Pic or Gif, all the good ones get a thumb :D<br /> <br /> This one is probably a repost.<br /> <br /> Thumb it up so we can get moar!

April 26, 2012   2 notes

When I dance…

What I think I look like

what I really look like


April 26, 2012   1 note

I need to get out of here…

when I do imma be like



When I see my old friends imma be like

but for now im just…



April 24, 2012

I remember my first time playing monopoly.

April 24, 2012   9 notes

what happens when someone scares me…

Im like

and there like

About your mom:

and then im like

April 24, 2012   1 note

Cant touch this.

April 23, 2012

I’m on Tumblr then I realize…..

I have a finals test tomorrow!

April 22, 2012

April 21, 2012

Gotta go mow the lawn :/

Thanks! I Think? GIF - Thanks! I Think?

April 20, 2012   4 notes

I cant wait to see my bro in the summer!